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thank you for your interaction and visiting first and foremost.
 when operating in using my site when I say "your name is your brand" what that means when it comes to my business is whether successful or a failure your interactions and the portrayal of identity in society is what your legacy will be.so when I used it as my business motto I use this because I I value the opinion of others especially a service that I was directly involved was handled in accurately so that is a bad depiction on me in my ethics especially when you have that phrase as what you stand for . social media or just searching the web youll see numerous similar products but the products on my sites are substantially less than most.This is not a mistake my store's goals is to let my customers see that even after your purchase your still valued still care and I am of service for you if needed even after.My satisfaction I gain and hopefully from consistent customer returns and the passing around with social media site and customer reviews when doing or buying something online can there be a common ground with both buyer and seller to be happy or have positive feedback
yes even though you make a buyer and seller relationship constantly you can always look for ways and seller relationship


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